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This wiki is the owner of characters from the movies "Luigi's love potion" and "Mario's messy room". Don't worry,we have more movies coming up. Hope you enjoy!!!


Hi,everybody. Welcome to the LOLMarioandLuigi wiki. In this wiki,there will be imformation about my charactors including Mario,Luigi,"Granny Sandy," and a lot of coming soon charactors. 

Instead of pictures,I am going to do a video how we got the charactors to take the dumb picture for crying out loud.  And at the end there will be the picture of them.

Well,it might take me a few days to figure out how to do this. Don't worry,at least there will BE a wiki.

And if you are not familer with us,our videos on the internet so far are "Mario's messy room" and "Luigi's love potion."

Enjoy! :)

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